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Pound to Euro rate hits a 6-week high vs the Euro as inflation levels soar in the UK, will GBP/EUR continue to climb? (Joseph Wright)

The inflation level in the UK rose unexpectedly in August and as a result we’ve seen the pound climb quite dramatically.

The Pound rose against all major currency pairs with the main headlines to take away from today’s price movement being GBP to EUR has hit a 6-week high whilst GBP to USD (cable) has hit a 1-year high.

Economists were expecting to see the inflation level for August released at 2.8% but the figure came out at 2.9% which equals the highest level on record this year as May also showed this figure.

The reason the Pound has climbed in the wake of this result can be put down to hopes of an interest rate hike from the Bank of England sooner than their plans of a hike in 2019. Under normal market conditions an interest rate hike usually results in a strengthening of the underlying currency which has been reflected in today’s GBP exchange rate price movements.

The next busy day for the Pound is likely to be Thursday, and if you would like to discuss why and what data is due out that could impact the GBP/EUR rate, do feel free to register your interest with me.

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